Citizens Against Recidivism, Inc. works to achieve the restoration of all the rights and attributes of citizenship among people in prison or jail and those who have been released in collaboration with other community and faith based organizations at each of the overlapping phases of the community integration process.

This work includes advocacy on all levels, preventive efforts targeting at-risk youth and efforts to the strengthen individuals, families and personal relationships affected by experiences with the criminal justice system.


No person imprisoned or those released following confinement should lose the rights and attributes of citizenship. Each sentence for a crime committed is a temporary measure aimed at meeting certain societal goals and must ultimately be aimed at reintegration into the community. No person should be perpetually punished.


We value life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. Our work is predicated upon genuine care, concern and respect for those in prison, those at risk of incarceration and their families. Our success is rooted in integrity, teamwork, faith, professionalism, creativity and the quality of our service. We sincerely desire that those in prison not have their lives and minds permanently stained by crime or the criminal justice system, hoping that following encounters with the criminal justice system we may assist in their transformations and engaging the society in which we all live as productive citizens.